The Friends of Potato Creek State Park, Inc. operates under a formal agreement with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. It is goverened by a seven member board, serving two year terms. Board members are elected at the annual meeting the third Tuesday of March.

Board of Directors
Melody Golubski, President / term: 2015-17
Abby Wiles, Vice President / term: 2014-16
Jim Rahilly, Treasurer / term: 2015-17
Marci deGroot, Secretary / term: 2014-16
Sandi Zehner, Board Member / term: 2014-16
Linda Matzat, Board Member / term: 2015-17
Ben Walbert, Board Member / term: 2015-17

Mission Statement
The purpose and mission of the Friends of Potato Creek State Park is to develop and support projects and events that help preserve, restore, manage, and interpret the natural and cultural heritage, and recreational opportunities of Potato Creek State Park.